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Hello World! This is where I keep my projects alive.

Most of my projects are from tutorials given by Brackeys. I started learning Javascript and Python, but it was really dry and was easy to get distracted with so many paths to take. It was like watching a tv series that never ended. Then I found game development to be like a movie where once I dedicate a few hours and I would have a working prototype.

So now I am interested in the AR and VR mountain of work, since there is still a long way to go, I want to jump in and see how big of a splash I can make.

These are the project scripts you can check out at

Unity Games

Doodle Jump replica : I used a funny picture of my gf as the doodle to give her a surprise. The theme is her jumping on clouds with a rainbow swirl background. This is my first project with Brackeys. Features learned: Camera follow, random platform generation, platform effector and forces.

Fruit Ninja replica : Watermelon spawning and jumping around the screen as player tries to slice with the mouse as a blade. Features learned: Trail renderer, spawn points with forces, timed destroy gameobjects, 3d graphics in a 2d game.

Angry Bird replica : A player flies into enemy towers, enemies are destroyed if the force of an impact is greater than their health. Features learned: Sorting layers, spring joints, mass and velocity, particle systems.

Line Rider replica : Player draws lines for a sprite to ride across on. Features learned: Line renderer, capsule collider.

Rolling Ball : This is part of the Unity tutorial series and was my first replication. Features learned: Colliders, player control, destroy gameobjects.

Vuforia in Unity

AR tutorial from Matthew Hallberg: A car falls from the sky, and onto the a plain. The doors open as you approach, and a video plays when the viewer is inside the car. This needs a compatiable AR phone to be tested, but should work if built out. Features learned: Ground detection by plane finder, AR camera detection to open doors, audio and video effects.


My Blue barrel: Tutorial from Brackeys for 3d modeling. Features learned: modeling, texturing, rendering and exporting.